Brewery Hopkins

Hopkins' Brewery

It is legal for people over 18 years to buy a'lcohol in New Shetland'. Consumption is possible for minors, however, as long as it is in family situations. The strict enforcement of the alcohol prohibition for minors has led to the dissappearance of many stores over the years as alcholo consumption decreased significantly. Binge drinking under youth increased though in the last years, a trend shared with other western countries.

New Shetland is home to many breweries that produce whiskey, beer and mixed drinks. Wine production is limited to Llamada. Famous New Shetlandian beer brands include Hopkins', River Gold, Kehler Premium Lager, Wick and Kalinin. Popular foreign beer brands include Heineken, Corona, Budweiser, Miller and Coors.

Famous whiskey brands are Loch Leven, Salemshire Finest and Joseph's.

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