Apocalypse Club is a famous nightclub in the city centre of Marbella that has defined the New Shetlandian nightlife for decades. It is situated in an old theatre and survived police raids, two fires and forced closure. It was the home of many famous New Shetlandian techno DJs and famously owned its own record label, Apocalypse Records, that brought out many techno and early house hits.


Apocalypse Club opened its doors in 1989. It was one of the first commercial venues for massive electornical music events. The club didn't have a license and was harassed by the police as early as december 1989.

Apocalypse Club was a source of cheap drugs in the early 1990s, when Frankie Paradise and The Ravers of the Love Age played massive crowds of ravers. The city council and the government were alarmed by a couple of drug-related incidents and deaths and summoned the nightclub to either close or let visitors pass a drug test. Refusing to do so, police raids interrupted many raves held by the club owners and Frankie Paradise in 1991. National media reported an increase in drug use by local youth as other night clubs opened their doors. Apocalypse Club became synonymous with heavy ecstacy use and chaotic nights where hedonistic youth trashed the club.

On the 19th of june, 1992, a girl died of an ecstacy overdose in the middle of the night during an exceptionally chaotic rave in a warehouse close to Apocalypse Club. The party, held by Apocypse Club DJs, was ended by police to aid many unconscious ravers. Television imagery shown on that days news broadcasts were heavily dramatized and mass hysteria about the new drug caused an uproar and calls to close Apocalypse Club yet again.

The owners did indeed close the club for two months, but staged raves at the venue again after some time had passed, starting in October with a massive party in a adjacent warehouse that attracted 4,000 people. The following years quarrels with the police and the government continued, but the venue was allowed to continue its activities.

Apocalypse RecordsEdit

Apocalypse Records brought out many influential techno songs between 1990 and 1997:

  • Photongrapher - Release The Beat
  • Radar - A Song
  • Frankie Paradise feat. Tyler - Handcuffed
  • Heroes of the Hilton - Strangelands
  • Khettyn - Happy (For No Reason at All)
  • Syntheziser Love - Strawberry Fields
  • Photongrapher - The Odyssey
  • Eden - Hit the Floor
  • Kinetic - Nihilism