A census region is the top-level administrative division of New Shetland. The 30 states of New Shetland are grouped in a number of census regions. These census regions only serve an administrative purpose, but are used in geographic indications as well. The five census regions came in existence in 1991, when the Ethnicity Bill passed Senate. This bill brought the institution of the five census regions, but also gave the native nations of New Shetland, the Chutean, Aleut (who have strong ties with Alaskan Aleuts) and Krai people more authority over their respective homelands. These nations were also provided with permanent seats in the State Senates in three states, and the complete authority over Uplands NP.

The most inhabited census region is Southern, alternatively Marbella MA (Metropolitan Area). The least inhabited census region is Northern.

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Census region info
Name Postal code States Population figure Largest city
Harvian Islands Hx-xx-xx Leeward and Princeton, Maritima, Northern, Reefs 310,000 Port Philip
Llamada Lx-xx-xx Constante, Neol, Preux Islands, Saint John, Turimerpaís 1,974,000 Ciudad Priscila
Northern NM-xx-xx Mount Errigal, Northern, Uplands 278,000 Mount Errigal
Nieves Nx-xx-xx Bayside, Central Nieves, Chiefs, Creek, Dunbeg, Pinggo, Southland 2,553,000 New Guildford
Southern Sx-xx-xx Ascension Islands, Blakeney, Burlington, Highroyds, Marbella, Milford, Sannama, Southern Territories, Yarmouth 6,121,000 Marbella
Total: 11,236,000
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