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Constante is a small island and state in the southeastern part of the Llamada Archipelago. The island is highly volcanuous and houses many tourist resorts. The island is home to two towns with more than 1,000 inhabitants; the coastal fishing port of Constante and the inland town of Haddon. The island is well cultivated and the coastline is densely populated. Volcanic eruptions pose no serious threat to the island as the two eruption craters of Mount Michelle are currently dormant.


The island has a subtropical climate. The island is covered in heterogenous, deciduous forests. The island is characterized by steep elevations and gravel beaches. Constante is relatively round in shape due to its volcanic origins.

The geological structure and ecosystems of Constante are influenced and formed by Mount Michelle, that has been active for millions of years with long pauses inbetween where it remained dormant. Originally, there were no mammals on the island and most original species of bird, fish and arthropods had their habitats close to the sea, far away from the volcano. The island is in places very fertile due to volcanic deposits. Small creeks find their origin in springs close to the volcanic zone of the island. In the northern part of the island many small hot springs exist. These pools were found to contain hundreds of new species of bacteria when research on local ecosystems was carried out by the government in 2004.


The Constante wildlife is diverse and mostly dependent on the sea. Humans introduced species such as the common rat and swines. Goats and sheep roam freely on the island since many sheep farms were abandoned in the early 1920s. Many species belonging to the original wildlife of Constante Are endangered. Rare types of shellfish have their habitats in small gravel beach lagunas and on the flanks of Mount Michelle many seabirds nest. Birds of prey are attracted by these colonies and therefore a diverse range of birds can be spotted on the island.


Due to its remote location, visitors have to travel for hours at least to reach the island, that can be reached by ferry or plane. The island itself is easy to navigate as there is a extensive network of small roads connecting the town of Constante, the town of Haddon and the small villages scattered around the island. The Constante Ring Road encircles the island. The Constante Harbor serves as the departing place for the ferry to Preux Islands and Southern Territories. The small Constante-Haddon International Airport, that as only one runway, is the main means of transport to elsewhere. The airport maintains routes to Oahu, Hawaii and Marbella.