Framed Lotus is the moniker used by electro DJ Josh Legrande. He started DJ'ing in 2001, but took a break after releasing the Machine Mortar EP in 2002. In 2009 he reappeared in the local clubbing circuit, hosting parties at The Warehouse. Framed Lotus released another, largely ignored EP in 2010, called Critical Thinking, followed by studio album Sessions With Myself, which shot him to fame in New Shetland.

Legrande produces music as well, having produced for bands such as Patrol and Magic Doors. He hosts a radio programme at XFM Marbella. Legrande's music has been described by critics as "hedonistic, danceable breakneck tunes, that somehow manage to appeal to the more critical music fan." He uses many old-fashioned synths, a fact stated by many critics as adding to the authentic feel to his music.

Discography Edit

  • Machine Mortar EP (2002)
  • Critical Thinking EP (2010)
  • Sessions With Myself (2011)