Llamada is one of the five census regions in New Shetland. The region has no own government and is only used for administrative purposes. It comprises the Llamada Archipelago, the largest archipelago of New Shetland, consisting of the states of Neol, Saint John, Preux Islands, Constante and Turimerpaís.

History Edit

Llamada used to be part of Mexico, but was surrendered to the United States in 1858 after the Llamada War. The territory was partly sold to the British in 1889. The remaining Llamadan isles of Constante and Neol were bought in 1901. The population of the Llamadan isles remained largely Hispanic until the advent of independence, when immigrants from mainland New Shetland moved to Turimerpaís and Neol in increasing numbers. The Preux Islands and Constante are still mostly Hispanic. Saint John was cultivated in the 1910s and 1920s after a century of being sparsely populated.

States Edit

States of Llamada
Name Capital Population Photo
Constante Constante
Preux Islands
Saint John
Turimerpaís Ciudad Priscila

Demographics Edit

About 46% of the population speak Spanish as first language. 13% speak a native language as first language. 96% claim they speak English fluently. Most inhabitants are catholic or non-religious, an exception to the mostly Protestant rest of New Shetland.

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