Milford is a state in the Southern census region. Its state capital is Pettigo. It's located north of Marbella, bordering Burlington, Highroyds and Marbella. It's a relatively small state that is almost entirely cultivated. It is densely populated and very rich. Most inhabitants live in Pettigo or Fort Owenswood, a suburban town north of Pettigo, the biggest port of the state.

Milford is like Marbella a liberal and predominantly non-religious state with an emphasis on industry, education and innovation. Serving as an important commuter town to Burlington, Pettigo remained a prosperous town during the economic crisis of the 1920s and therefore it expanded rapidly, becoming one of the most important cities in the area. Nowadays, Milford is at crossroads between Burlington, Sannama, Marbella and Highroyds.

There is a growing IT-sector in the area, and some of the most important New Shetlandian businesses are located in the state, such as banks and insurance companies.

Places Edit

This is a list of places in Milford with more than 1,000 inhabitants:

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