Nieves Valley is a large depression in the New Shetlandian landscape. It runs from north to south along the mideastern coast of mainland New Shetland. Commonly referred to as "valley", the area is in fact not part of a mountainous area. It is, however, surrounded by two mountain ranges with some peaks exceeding 6000 ft. Nieves Valley itself is relatively densely populated and is the main agricultural area of New Shetland. Concentrations of farms and wheat fields are scattered throughout the valley, with a yearly output of 60% of the total agricultural revenue of New Shetland. Vulcanic activity and hot springs make the area both fertile and hazardous.

The Nieves census region comprises the whole valley as wel as part of the east coast area and some of the surrounding mountain ranges. 97% of the region's population lives in the valley or at the coast towns of Wayne and Cliffs. Most bigger towns are located in the central part of the valley, where 1.5 of the two million inhabitants of Nieves reside. Due to the linear stroke of densely populated areas making up the Nieves valley, a small number of south-north oriented carriage ways and train lines are enough to link most towns and cities. A bigger carriage way to Marbella provides an accesible route to the southern New Shetlandian states.