Northern Flag
Numerical Code N-00-00
Governor Semyon Breyev
Capital Trinity
Towns and cities Trinity
Islands Midland Island, Bridge Island, Peaceful Island, Georgetown Island
Nicknames The Green Isles
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Northern is one of the four states (districts) of the Harvian Islands. Its state capital is Trinity.


Northern, for much of its history, was an unincorporated region of the American Harvian Territory. This was due to its more remote location, as well as the fact that it was almost unoccupied. Thus the region was divided into a number of petty kingdoms and semi-independent towns, which largely ruled themselves. These included:

  • The Kingdom of Bora Scara, a native kingdom which ruled the minor islands of the modern district. Mainly Aşelenda.
  • Midland Island. Ruled by a Bavandan chieftain.
  • Trinity Church, the only real settlement. It was mainly made up of a few British missionaries, until immigration of Jews took place.

The district was first formed in 1947, when the US sought to consolidate its control over the northern isles. It was split into four counties, which correspond to the modern constituencies.


The geography of the region is extremely mountainous, being volcanic and is hard to reach. It is popular with tourists who are willing to venture 'off the beaten track'.

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