Sannama wilderness

The Sannama countryside.

Sannama is a state in the Southern census region. The state capital is Windsor. The state is named after Seunama, an historical Krai region and tribe. The state is still inhabited by many Krai people. Contrary to popular belief, the state is not significantly poorer than other states. The state does have a rich agricultural history, but ranks consistently among the best states to live in when life standards are concerned, because a substantial part of the states economy is focussed on industry and services. Also, a traditional value system inherited from both Scottish immigrants and native Krai people created a stable society. Still, due to high church attendance levels and a chaotic countryside, the states inhabitants are viewed as backwards by inhabitants of richer states such as Marbella and Burlington.

There are two principal towns, Windsor and Bloomington. windsor is by far the biggest town, but most industrial activity is to be found in Bloomington. Windsor is connected by two main roads with Bloomington and the smaller town of New Ipswich. There are two almost homogenous native villages in the north, inhabited by Krai people. There is a native neighborhood in Windsor as well, and because so many inhabitants of thr state are natives, a lot of representatives in the State Senate are Krai. The state governor implemented a multilanguage system for use in some schools and all public buildings in 2003, the first Southern state to do so.

Places Edit

This is a list of places in Sannama with more than 1,000 inhabitants:

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