Southern Territories is the southernmost state of the Southern census region. Its capital is Worth. The state borders Burlington and Sannama. The Southern Territories was originally under direct administration of Marbella, but was declared a separate state on JUne 1, 1953. The state is sparsely inhabited and characterized by rough terrain and dense deciduous forests. Most inhabitants live in small coastal towns or the inland town of Craig's Ridge. The state's economy thrives on fishing and the pulp and paper industry.

The native population of the Southern Territories makes up a significantly large part of the total population, and therefore their respective culture has influenced the statewide culture enormously.


The Southern Territories comprise the southern mainland peninsula south of the densely populated states of Burlington and Marbella. The area is very mountainous compared to the lower Midlands. Most people live at the coast.

Regions Edit

Traditionally, the most densely populated parts of the Southern Territories can be divided in three socio-cultural regions whose borders are mostly defined by natural borders such as rivers and mountain ridges: the New Dover region, that comprises Port Blundell and Port Jackson, the Worth Hills that includes most of northern Southern Territories, and the Southern Creeklands.

The Worth Hills region is a densely forested region that includes the town of Worth. The area is characterized by steep terrain. It comprises the northern part of the state and is the only part where there is a large-scale agricultural sector. It is crossed by many roads that run from south to north to the more densely inhabited areas of Southern. The mountainous central part of the Worth Hills slopes gently into the sea and allowed the formation of large beaches. The resultant coastal lowlands are the most cultivated part of the state and are also the most populated.

The New Dover region is situated in the southwest and covers a small area that includes the fishing communities of Port Jackson and Port Blundell. The area is characterized by its steep cliffs, sea bird colonies and lack of agriculture. There are only a few road, most of them leading to small coastal villages and the Worth Hills north of the area.

The Southern Creeklands is the southeastern coastal area of the state. Contrary to the New Dover area there are no cliffs as the inland mountain ridges don't run until the sea. There are many tidal lagunas and wetlands inhabited by birds. This makes it a very atypical region for New Shetland. The town of New Brighton lies in this area.

The rest of the Southern Territories, the inlands, the northeastern coast and the extreme southern part, are mostly uninhabited and very mountainous compared to the populated areas. They are full of wildlife and rare flora.

Places Edit

this is a list of places in the Southern Territories with more than 1,000 inhabitants:

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