Personal transportation in New Shetland is dominated by automobiles. Mass transit accounts for 17% of all travels. An extensive railway system and its many bus routes eliminate the need of a car on most journeys, but still transport by car remains the primary means of transportation. The road network is very adequate in the Southern region and acceptable in most other areas, with North being a notable exception. Roads differ in quality as public works are dependent on state budgets rather than the federal budget. The roads in Llamada can be especially difficult to navigate as the find their origin in the Mexican road system built in the early twentieth century.

The islands of the archipelagoes are well connected by ferries and air routes. Companies such as the united Harvian Ferries, the Royal Ferries New Shetland and Llamada Ferry Company maintain ferry lines to every corner of New Shetland. Main airline companies are HarviAir, Shetland Airlines and privatized Royal Pacific Airline Company (R-PAC).

Main roads are referred to as carriageway in the Harvian Islands and highway in the rest of New Shetland. Alternatively, they are respectively referred to as C-Numbers and M-Numbers; the latter being a shortening of motorway, the old name for the highways. Important roads are the Trans-Nieves Highway (M7), the Marbella-Mount Errigal Highway (M3) and the Coast to Coast Highway (M2).

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